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Dr. Michael Widmann

Dr. Widmann received his undergraduate degree from Western Michigan University and doctorate in chiropractic from National University of health Sciences in Illinois. Prior to chiropractic school, he worked at Detroit Henry Ford Hospital as an exercise physiologist within the cardiac rehabilitation and weight management units. While at National University, Dr. Widmann took full advantage of the schools integrated approach to patient care. This integrated approach helps to meld the most effective treatment aspects of chiropractic medicine, physical rehabilitation, and botanical medicine.

Dr. Widmann enjoys hiking, camping, cycling, swimming, gardening, skiing, and lacrosse. Ultimately the injuries experienced in lacrosse, and the ability of his childhood chiropractor to keep him playing, pushed him to become a chiropractor

He has personally been dealing with food allergies, to several commonly consumed foods, for several years. As a result, he is able to teach patients how to deal with and work around even the most problematic food allergens - gluten, corn, cow dairy, and nuts.

  1. Undergrad: Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI

  2. Chiropractic School: National University of Health Sciences, Lombard, IL

  3. Internship: Salvation Army Clinics, Chicago, IL

Our mission is to provide patient-centered holistic healthcare with a focus on quality of care, comprehensive treatment, and utilization of the most current, and effective chiropractic, soft tissue, and complementary treatment techniques. We take an individualized approach to patient care by spending more time with each patient to truly understand and treat the root cause of each problem, alleviate pain, and restore each individual patient to their highest achievable wellbeing in as few visits as possible. Teaching patients preventative and interventional modalities to achieve and maintain optimal health outside of the office are at the center of our practice. We aim to help every member of our community live a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle that is free of pain.


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